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Microsoft ottiene il brevetto sulla Metro UI utilizzata su Windows Phone

Ieri Microsoft ha ottenuto il brevetto sull’interfaccia grafica utilizzata nei suoi dispositivi Windows Phone 7, che potrà essere utilizzata nei suoi prossimi prodotti (vedi Windows 8).


Qui sotto le immagini relative al brevetto:


Inoltre Microsoft ha ricevuto un ulteriore brevetto riguardante la tastiera su schermo con funzioni predittive:

“An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing feedback and guidance to touch screen device users to improve text entry user experience and performance by generating input history data including character probabilities, word probabilities, and touch models. According to one embodiment, a method comprises receiving first input data, automatically learning user tendencies based on the first input data to generate input history data, receiving second input data, and generating auto-corrections or suggestion candidates for one or more words of the second input data based on the input history data. The user can then select one of the suggestion candidates to replace a selected word with the selected suggestion candidate.”