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myTube – L’apprezzato client di terze parti YouTube GRATIS per un tempo limitato | UWP

myTube! è un apprezzato client non ufficiale YouTube disponibile su Windows Phone, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One e HoloLens che in queste ore ha ricevuto un nuovo importante aggiornamento.

La nuova versione di myTube viene identificata dal numero si versione 3.4 implementando le seguenti novità:

  • Redesigned the donation flyout
  • Added monthly donations alongside one-time donations
  • Added custom color scheme builder as a reward for monthly donations
  • Changed sync enforcement rules so the video changes speeds less aggressively when out of sync with the audio
  • Reduced sync enforcement threshold, so audio and video should remain a bit more tightly in sync
  • New buffering UI overlay on player controls to make the buffering state more obvious (only appears if the video has been buffering for 3 seconds or longer)
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused the video player to be in the wrong position at launch
  • Fixed translation issue on download flyout with the string specifying that the video can only be played in myTube
  • Fixed issue where the actual playback rate reset to 1 with each new video, despite the UI showing otherwise
  • Fixed issue where  , >, and < could appear in subtitles undecoded
  • (Anniversary Update+) Changed how the video player is repositioned around the UI, so the player changes positions more quickly and smoothly
  • (Fall Creators Update+) Added VP9 playback option to playback settings, disabled by default (except on Xbox One X) and must be enabled to get qualities above 108
  • (PC & Mobile) Added ‘Copy link’ menu item to channel page app ba
  • (PC & Mobile) Improved performance on Subscribed To page by drawing blurred backgrounds one by one
  • (PC & Mobile) Returned toggle to sync subscriptions to contacts in settings
  • (PC & Mobile) Comment text is now selectable
  • (PC & Mobile) URL and timecode parsing added to comments
  • (PC & Mobile) Double tapping or clicking the left or right edge of the video will jump forward or backward by 10 seconds
  • (PC & Mobile) Added animated icon to tap/double tap actions on video player (pause, fullscreen, etc.)
  • (PC) Added the ability to pin subscriptions channels to the taskbar and use the My People feature to quickly view channels without opening the full app
  • (PC) Added option to automatically enter fullscreen when a video starts
  • (PC) Added button for myTube! Companion to the account menu app bar
  • (PC) Faster pointer hover animation on video thumbnails
  • (PC) Fixed issue where starting the app up to the video page (live tile, myTube Companion, etc) while in theatre mode resulted in an incorrect layout
  • (PC) Fixed issue where the backup URI for timeline activity was missing ‘watch’ in the link
  • (PC) While in picture-in-picture, pressing Esc, Backspace, or the mouse back button will now exit picture-in-picture
  • (Xbox) Context menu now makes sound upon open and close
  • (Xbox) Thicker primary focus visual for thumbnails

In occasione del rilascio della nuova versione, lo sviluppatore ha deciso di rendere l’app completamente gratuita per pochi giorni (rispetto ai classici 0,99€), se siete interessati potete effettuare il download tramite il link diretto che trovate sotto.


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